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What We're Up To:


We see a world in which countless children across the planet have an intimate, direct, personal, and most importantly, fun relationship with God.

Amy's Best Friend Book

Here's the strategy.

We have a book, Amy's Best Friend, Prayers of a ChildWhy is this child's prayer book so important?

Because it's fun!!! Why is fun so important? Because it is an avenue to God that is so very, very natural to small children.

God is Amy's best friend and she treats Him that way. She has fun with her best friend. It gives small children (age 3-6) spirituality with a smile, a great big smile.

Each night Amy talks to God, always knowing that He hears her, and her mommy copies down these prayers in a little book.

In these prayers Amy asks of God, and gives as well. “Dear God, I pretended today was Your birthday and tied a yellow ribbon around a cupcake and put it on a birthday napkin …” 

With a child’s innocence, she can see that He has a problem and acts to relieve it. “Dear God, I think you’re a little shy. After all, not everyone believes in you. …” 

She’s awed by the creation and also does not hesitate to take objection with it. “Dear God, I was sick last night, the whole night I think. It was really terrible. How come you made stomach aches? Could you un- make them so that doesn't happen again?” 

Spread from book

Amy's Best Friend comprises a personal introduction from Amy followed by 14 illustrated prayers.  The illustrations create Amy and her puppy, Amos, as fun loving characters that will delight a child and can serve as a model for their own relationship with God. The book is non-denominational.

Amy's Best Friend ends with a note to the parents encouraging them to try out Amy's bedtime routine.  The final pages of the book are blank journal pages so that child and parent can start immediately.

Where This Website Fits In:

This website provides a place where children can share their prayers! They upload them to the site and then we'll index them so that you can read all the prayers, for example, that have to do with pets or parents or surprises or fear or silliness or others. And on and on. A child can have the fun of seeing their prayers on the Internet and be read the prayers of other children.

The second special feature is a forum for parents. This is a place where parents can talk with other parents about the joys and challenges of prayer and children. For example, "Some nights my son starts talking and doesn't stop.  I can't write that fast and its goes way past his bedtime. Help!" Or, my daughter's prayers are so simple and so wise that they've given me a whole new perspective on my children.  Has anyone else experienced this?" All such honest and important questions would now have a place where answers from several viewpoints could be found. 

Amy's Best Friend flowers

The Vision in Three Words:

Fun - Pray - Share

Fun:  Amy's Best Friend gives children a happy, fun-filled book of prayers that will have them giggle and squeal, and want to make their own prayers.

Pray: Children have their own prayers recorded on the blank journal pages at the end of Amy's Best Friend.

Share: Children then easily share their own prayers on this website for Amy's Best Friendand on this same website, parents share the joys and challenges of children and prayer.