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                                            Name: Mr Jin
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                                            E-mail: 58203036@qq.com
                                            Add: Industrial Park,Xinchang City,Zhejiang Province,China
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                                            QQ: 58203036

                                            About Us

                                            Hechuang Lightning Arrester Technology Co., Ltd,a company  whose gross annual sales is more than 100 millions yuan, specializes in earthing & lightning protection. The main products of company include earthing electrodes, copper bonded earth rod, exothermic welded flux, copper coated steel strand cable, earth improving and enhancing compound, earthing modules and chemical earth rods etc. , forming a complete product series in earthing field. All these products are well recognized by customers for its high qualities.

                                            We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as manufacturers and exporters to you: our company is one of the biggest companies in lightning protection equipment in China, and our products are widely used all over our country, including China Electric Power, China Petroleum, Sinopec, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom, China Railcom, Broadcasting, War Industry and Television. We are looking forward to successful and long term cooperation with customers and clients in the world.