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                                            Copper Bonded Ground Rod

                                            Copper Bonded Ground Rod
                                            Product name : Copper Bonded Ground Rod
                                            Item : HC-002
                                            Details :
                                            Our Ground rods with high in protection against natural corrosion and electrochemical reaction when rooted deeply in ground. Ground rods and grind wirings are welded by leiying's Exothermic welding powder so that the ground system are protected by the copper wholly and free of maintenance.



                                            The rod length range from 4' up to 10' , Ground rods are also available in the sectional type with the same length and diameters. These sectional rods are threaded on both ends to allow rod-to-rod connection by use the coupling .

                                            It has characteristics as below:
                                            1) Thickness of the copper layer is more than 0.254mm.
                                            2) Our ground rods can be bended through a 30 or 90 or 135 degrees angle, and the rods will be no evidence of cracking or splitting of the steel or the copper cladding.
                                            3) The advantages are good tensile strength more than 580N/mm2.
                                            4) Constant low resistance and good plasticity which had the characteristics of copper as well as steel.
                                            5) Good in anticorrosion that usage-life is more than 50 years or more. Our ground rod is completely copper bonded, even in the conical point. Which we have acquired the patent for intellectual protection. (Patent No. ZL 200820165116.0)


                                            1) Threads as UNC-2A with metric standard, or conical point without threads.
                                            2) More alternative copper thickness is available: 25 microns, 50 microns, 100 microns, 127 microns, 254 microns and 330 microns.
                                            3) We can supply you three shapes as: One end is pointed and the other end threaded for extend, one end is pointed and the other end un-threaded, two ends thread and one end pointed
                                            4) Length as your request.

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