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                                            Product Instruction

                                            Product Instruction
                                            Product name : Product Instruction
                                            Item : HC-011
                                            Details :

                                            Feature of Product

                                            It is a fundamental guarantee to ensure various long term and stable grounding requirement under the condition of different temperature, dryness and humidity. It solves problems co-existed in both resistance reduction performance and corrosion. Especially, it is more convenient for grounding in high mointains where water is in shortage. It can withstand large current impact without deformation and changing performance and can be operated in a long time.

                                            Attention notes:

                                            1.  Storage module must be kept with certain humidity and free from high temperature, dryness and exposure2.  Damages from mechanical force should be avoided for module in transportation or installation3.  Modules must be buried in frozen earth layer in cold area. 1.  Vertical embedding for earthing module, horizontal embedding for earthing module. Embedding depth is not less than 0.8 meter2.Two Modules’ distance should not be less than 4 meters3. Module pole core are parallel connected or must be welded when ground electrode connection. Welding area must be 2 times of connecting body.4.Welding residues must be cleaned off in welding area and coated with earthing compound or pitch painting5.The soil must be dropped with water and solid in layers. After module absorbs humidity for more than 24hours, earthing resistance can be measured.

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