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                                            ESE lightning Rods

                                            ESE lightning Rods
                                            Product name : ESE lightning Rods
                                            Item : HC-013
                                            Details :

                                            The specific purpose of the lightning rod is to produce ionization directed at the cloud, so that any possible electrical discharge can be channelled from the very beginning. Between the exciter set, which has the same potential as the surrounding air, and on the other hand, the point and the deflector set, which are both at earth potential, a potential difference is stablished This potential difference will be greater, the higher the atmospheric potential gradient is, and consequently, when the lightning formation is most likely.  A relationship between time, propagation speed and, in consequence, the stroke distance and the protection zone,is obtained in determining the value.  The evaluation of the risk of being struck and the structure's protection needs is obtaining following the Appendix B of the standards mentioned above.


                                            - 100% effective in dealing with discharge

                                            - Electrical continuity guaranteed. Carries lightning current without resistance

                                            - NON- Electronic lightning rod ensuring its long life

                                            - Technical qualities remain unaffected after each strike

                                            - With no electronics, so there is no risk of melting

                                            - NO external power supply is required

                                            - Ensuring its effective operation after each lightning strike.

                                            - No special maintenance is required.

                                            - Flow capacity, 500KA can withstand lightning strikes

                                            - Strong wind resistance, safety and reliability

                                            - Non-radioactive elements, stainless steel materials with corrosion-resistance

                                            ESE lightning rods, use stainless steel material, according to different protection radius, each model has different performance characteristic separately. It has the characteristics below list:

                                            1) No-electric minor, long time using life.

                                            2) Quality of the anti-radar has no change after thunderstroke.

                                            3) Choices with different protection radius

                                            4) The complete driving type directs the thunder system

                                            5) They can activate when stroke with lightning only

                                            6) Looks artistic

                                            7) Safe & reliable

                                            8) No need to maintain

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